Module 1 Introduction and Pre-Test
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Pre-Test
Module 2 About US Poison Centers and the Minnesota Poison Control System
Unit 1 History of Poison Centers
Unit 2 America's Poison Centers
Unit 3 The Poison Help Line
Unit 4 The Minnesota Regional Poison Center
Unit 5 Professional Education
Unit 6 Research and Data Collection
Unit 7 Public Education
Unit 8 Poison Emergency Telephone Service
Unit 9 Quiz 1: About US Poison Centers and the Minnesota Regional Poison Center
Module 3 Understanding the Poison Problem
Unit 1 Poison Defined
Unit 2 Poisoning Statistics
Unit 3 Who gets poisoned?
Unit 4 Poisoning Risk Factors
Unit 5 Child-Resistant Packaging
Unit 6 Quiz 2: Understanding the Poison Problem
Module 4 Common Poisons and Prevention
Unit 1 Medicines
Unit 2 Tips to Prevent Medicine Poisoning
Unit 3 Household Products
Unit 4 Plants
Unit 5 Carbon Monoxide
Unit 6 Tips to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Unit 7 Food Poisoning
Unit 8 Lead Poisoning
Unit 9 Tips to Prevent Lead Poisoning
Unit 10 Bites and Stings
Unit 11 Quiz 3: Common Poisons and Prevention
Module 5 What to do in case of a poisoning
Unit 1 First Aid and Treatment
Unit 2 Syrup of Ipecac
Unit 3 Opioid Overdoses and Naloxone
Unit 4 Using Naloxone
Unit 5 Commonly Asked Questions
Unit 6 Quiz 4: What to Do in Case of a Poisoning
Module 6 Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Poison Prevention Activities in your Community
Unit 1 Volunteer Community Poison Prevention Educator
Unit 2 Preparing for an Event
Unit 3 Sharing Poison Prevention Information
Unit 4 Distribute Materials
Unit 5 Participate in a Health Fair
Unit 6 Conduct a Presentation
Unit 7 Media Requests
Unit 8 Social Media/Newsletters/NPPW
Unit 9 Teaching Adults about Poisons
Unit 10 Reaching People with Limited Health Literacy
Unit 11 Teaching Children about Poisons
Unit 12 Program Evaluation
Unit 13 Quiz 5: Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Poison Prevention Activities in your Community
Module 7 Post-Test, Evaluation and Access to Resource Center
Unit 1 Post-Test
Unit 2 Evaluation
Unit 3 Resource Center Access